If you want to plan an elegant event on the coastal shores of New England or put together a backyard barbeque, Lisa Perrin Dubravec can seamlessly combine event planning, social media and her work as an accomplished photographer to make it happen. Raised on a dairy farm in western New York and with a background in animal and dairy science, she can do it all: milk dairy cows, handle a crisis or educate listeners on the facts of farm life.

Because of her education and farm background, Lisa spent her early career working in the agriculture industry. Her current position at M3 Effect focuses on project management and strategic planning.

Currently, Lisa and her husband, Mark, live on a 13-acre farmette in central Pennsylvania with their two children. In her free-time, Lisa enjoys taking photographs, gardening, reading and staying “in-the-know” about pop culture. But, most of the time, she is just running after her two young children, the family’s puppy and two cats and the newest animal addition: chickens!

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