National Ag Day, started in 1973, is a day to recognize and celebrate the contributions of agriculture in our everyday lives. This year, National Ag Day is Tuesday, March 20.

Why is this day and celebration important? Agriculture provides everything we eat, use and wear on a daily basis.

Love your new jeans? Thank a farmer.

Did you eat anything today? Thank a farmer.

Ever enjoyed a floral arrangement? Thank a farmer.

Enjoy beer or wine? Thank a farmer.

Farmers and ranchers are an integral part of our lives, providing food, fiber and fuel as well as contributors to the local and national economies.

The agriculture community is as diverse as America. Some farms are large, and some are small. Some use organic practices while some do not. But, each farm has one thing in common, a family of people who care deeply for the product they are producing.

It’s a fact—farming is hard-work and long hours. Each day, farmers worry about weather, animals, natural disasters and pricing. To be a farmer is to have a deep commitment to the land and the animals you are entrusted with. To farmers, the work they do and the product they produce is the reason they keep farming, despite the worry, the physical work and the long hours.

Did you know that less than 1-percent of people are actively involved in agriculture in this country? That means the vast majority of Americans do not have a direct link to a farmer. But, through social media, blogs and community organizations, you can connect with a farmer and ask questions.

Farmers and ranchers have made themselves available and want to talk with you about how they produce food and fiber. We’ve gathered some great resources for anyone interested in agriculture. Follow away and be sure to reach out to a local farmer in your community today, on National Ag Day, and say thank you – it means so much to farmers to hear these words!

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